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MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)


ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®  has developed a strong reputation for both a quality product and quality service related to our products. It is important for ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®  to ensure that its reputation is protected. To further enhance our reputation in a competitive environment, ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®  We has unilaterally established a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy.

ALLTROLITE® MAP policy will apply to all dealers, distributors, and resellers.

1.      This policy has been established unilaterally by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®

2.      This policy applies to all advertised pricing of ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® products. This includes, but is not limited to: mailers, newspapers, inserts, magazines, catalogs, Internet or other electronic media, television, and radio. This MAP policy does not apply to any in-store advertising that is not distributed to the customer.

3.      Pricing listed on an internet site will be considered an “advertised price”, and as such, must adhere to ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® MAP policy. At such time as the price becomes associated with a purchase (i.e. added to cart or proceed to checkout), the price becomes the selling price and is no longer bound by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® MAP policy. Statements such as “add to cart to see price” are acceptable.

4.      ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® MAP policy applies only to advertised prices. It does not apply to the actual sale price offered to individual customers within the reseller’s location. Dealers, distributors, and resellers retain the right to sell ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® products at any price they choose.

5.      Temporary sales, discounts, and promotions that effectively or actually lower prices on ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® products below MAP policy are acceptable provided prior writing approval is provided by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®. Approval may be granted only by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® itself. No outside representative of the company is authorized to grant such approval. Such approval may be granted only by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® MAP administrator, or by another authorized representative of the company. Approval may be granted on a case by case basis. ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® is the sole arbiter of such decisions, and reserves the right to make any such decision unilaterally.

6.      In the event that a dealer, distributor, or reseller chooses not to follow MAP policy, sanctions may be unilaterally imposed by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®. Intentional, or repeated, failure to adhere to ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® MAP policy may result in termination of any business relationship. ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® does not intend to do business with dealers, distributors, and/or resellers who compromise the perceived value of ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®or its products; as such ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® reserves the right not to sell to any retailer found to be in violation of this policy.

7.      Enforcement of ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® MAP policy is at the sole discretion of ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®.

8.      ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® may monitor the advertised price of dealers, distributors, or resellers, either directly or by the use of a third party. ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® is the sole arbiter of its MAP policy and reserves the right to take unilateral action in its enforcement, and in its sole discretion. Therefore, no dealer, distributor, or reseller has any right to rely on the continued existence of the MAP policy, or efforts by ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE® to enforce its MAP policy.

9.      ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®  and its policy administrator will be solely responsible for determining if a violation of MAP policy has occurred.

10.    ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®  reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel this policy (in whole or part) at any time. ALLTRONICS/ALLTROLITE®  also reserves the right to unilaterally designate promotional periods, during which time enforcement on MAP policy may be temporarily altered and/or suspended.

**For questions, please contact sales@alltrolite.com**

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