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MP3 Wireless FM Modulator W/ Remote (Ai1002)

1) 15 FM channels. 2) Built-in MP3/WMA format decoding chips. 3) Built-in wireless FM stereo transmitter. 4) Built-in 2.5mm stereo audio input socket. 5) Support SD/MMC Card/USB Flash Disk/MP3 or movable hard disk, portable DVD/VCD; 6) LCD display, white backlight. 7) Play Memory function. 8) Angle adjust function. 9) Power supply: car cigar plug, DC 12V 10) Fashionable and innovative design, you can enjoy Hi-Fi music at home or in your car. 11) Horizontal distance of transmitter: >10m 12) Frequency is responded: 20Hz-20KHz 13) Frequency: FM87.7 - 89.1MHz, 106.7 - 107.9MHz.  Please choose Black or White.

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  • Model: Ai1002

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